Fixed Rates

3.50% Guaranteed 5 years!

  • $10,000 Minimum
  • Maturing CDs, Cash, NQ Annuities
  • Interest Available as Income
  • No Sales Charge
  • No Annual Fees
  • Assuming no W/D: $100k will grow to $118,768 in 5 years!

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Single Premium deferred annuities are guaranteed for 5 years. Should you choose to continue the annuity after the five-year guaranteed period, the minimum rate guarantee is 1.0% for all contracts issued in 2017. Credited rates effective 10/04/2017 and are subject to change without notice. Early withdrawals may be subject to Surrender Charges and market Value Adjustments. The IRS may impose penalties for early withdrawals from qualified plans. Contracts issued by American Century Life Insurance Company of Texas. Not FDIC insured. Investment Advisory Services are offered through SGL Advisory Services, LLC, a registered Investment Adviser. Insurance and other financial products offered separately through appropriately licensed and appointed individuals.

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